Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We too are drifting by Sophie Robinson


we too are drifting

by Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson / Nosotros también vamos a la deriva


our tenderness being muttered up by other

people I lie awake twisting & stripped

of physical dwelling; hips with the same

feeling finding myself mumbling ‘I’m sorry

we jerked’ & your mouth is a place to go

a place where the human need for (relative)

peaceful sanctuary can collect itself –

suck me –nuzzle me – foster me– we are

in our separate spaces mouths mouthing

along to the words of the film Patch Adams

& learning that returning to “home” as an

adult promotes restlessness; but let’s keep

kissing & dipping with friction against

the softness of ‘Hum Sweat Hum’, licking punk

I found myself dwelling in the conceptual

heart of nonsense breaking up, I have two

hands to cope with his death by values by

economix, we are locked in structure in

spite of our nylon surgings, them being

reduced to slits of marginal import &

we know better huh, & yes you the

eternal optimistic you turn to me & say

that it’s good to get perspective on a

perspective even when the sky’s so black

with clouds it looks like night (upon which

you would remark at least that we are less

visible under extreme conditions &

besides we have more fun after dark)

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