Thursday, November 14, 2013

Geometry No. 1 by Sophie Robinson

Geometry No. 1

by Sophie Robinson


Sophie Robinson / Geometría no. 1

The uprigth nature of a girl, belied by

formless whirrs, signs of visible lust like the

density of skies, & the disappearing hour;

I think of you urgent & weak walking beside

billboards, missing out, flaking off in the

silence between 2 traxx, no tender riot

in yr geekheart [spliced open & pulsating

in four different places whilst the summer

is blaring musty and lithe, awful shiny

skin & sick tune of birds germinating light

as a new kind of loudness] & the crude urban

cosmos misses you & is just passing the

time w/dirt & money & pouting in the

corner w/out your nocturno-suspicious lure.

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