Friday, November 1, 2013

Unspeakable by Sophie Robinson


by Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson / Indecible

Your name swallows my lips &

the backward downward rage of all

girls knocking through me, a risk of

speech a risk of love a risk of causing

a scene, zipper of my jeans against

yours & in your ear I hear the sea.


Your name reverses itself on my lips as

I swallow the anger like a little boy, a

battle of the body, a risk of method, the

receipt of love, the cold slither of a fence

against the zipper of my jeans & the

immediacy of your ear against my face.


Your name; the danger of inversion,

swallowing down everyone’s rage you

burn & shake beyond yourself you

are the danger of love & you press

your ear against the zipper of my

jeans & say ‘I can hear the sea’.


Your name & mine.

Swallow it down.

We invert girls we slither under

barriers we shock with proximity

we press our ears to the ground

in search of foreign pleasures.


Your name & mine, swallowed

downward in anger. The reversal

of the body, scars where the

danger of love obtained will show,

our fingers in our ears our

hands pressed against our eyes.

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