Wednesday, January 4, 2012

José Manuel Arango / Dance With Me, Girl

Shadow Dancer
by Michon

By José Manuel Arango
Translated by Nicolás Suescún
                                 (after Anacreon)

The girl, with the hair almost blue
and large, sparkling eyes
waves, excited by the music.

She spins round her slender hips,
she shakes her bare arms,
she wiggles her bosom.

I have been, with a glass in my hand,
lingeringly watching her dance.

Until I make up my mind and get up
and stretch out my arm inviting her,
and muttering, in the uproar of the music,
under my breath:

Dance with me, girl.
I will not let you see my loose
and brittle teeth,
or notice my hoary temples.

And she turns her smiling eyes
and comes dancing in my direction
and passes by my side and

goes to embrace an adolescent
with splendid teeth.

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