Monday, May 3, 2021

Practical Joke by Brian Barker


Practical Joke 

by Brian Barker

The crows worked all night disassembling, then reassembling, a man’s car. By dawn it perched on the roof of his house in perfect working condition. The man knew not to get angry. He walked whistling to the curb, climbed into an imaginary car, made some engine noises, and drove off to work. As he slept that night, the crows countered. A man was messier than a car, and they squabbled about what went where. The next morning, the neighbors thought it the damnedest thing. A car on a roof, radio blaring. A man propped behind the wheel, an arm ending in a foot dangling carefree from the window. An ass in place of a face, sporting sunglasses, staring into endless blue sky.

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