Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Luz Helena Cordero / Silence

by Luz Helena Cordero

I don’t know where to put this silence.
It goes around the house
it gets into the closets
it climbs onto the pictures
it jumps on the books
it turns on the shower and sings
it eats my food
it drinks up the water in the jug
it looks out of the window
it wants to swim in the sky.
It is stubborn this silence
it pulls at my skirt
it clambers onto my shouldera
it monkeys with my hair.
I yell to drive it away
but it comes back immediately,
I don’t know where to put this silence.
Maybe if I tie its hands
and squeeze its neck
I won’t listen to it anymore.
No one will understand anything.
What can a dead silence do
on an unharmed woman?

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