Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lauren Mendinuerta / The Ivory Tower

Paco Martos

Translated by Constance Lardas

The world is an ivory tower, in vain
I search for a door within its curved walls.
I look like an actress playing a drunkard,
I struggle to walk a straight line,
never S’s. I am not a professional
actor, I don’t even resemble one,
but I will struggle to walk a straight line.
Sometimes I sit at the computer and search
for all manner of things, from shoes to love.
And yes, I find it all there, because the world is a tower
and inevitably I am trapped with everything else.
When I look at myself in the mirror,
I am surprised by how common
my face seems, and I tell myself:
it’s good to look as common as this, don’t be afraid.
I sit down at the computer again and find
the same things, everything, everything, even love.
And right there, typing,
I try to understand
why I feel free within the bird’s cage.

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