Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eva Durán / The Perverted One


The perverted one
The good little girl in a sky-blue room
The quiet deep-rooted lover,
The night on fire turning into
The hopelessly ubiquituous
Who always leaves
Without saying goodbye
Without giving a kiss
Without admitting that she’s happy,
That she likes to be alive
That having been born suffices her,
The one who has learned to forgive
Above all things
and that precisely for that reason
Her hands are full,
That’s why she sings at dawn
That’s why she smiles when they say she’s
The one who came naked to the mango’s heart
Without a knife and fork
Closing her eyes
Chewing slowly
And the one who wakes up with you
Because she expects nothing
Because she likes to devour you
Because she reads Fallaci
Because she
Loves you.

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