Monday, November 22, 2021

Waiting for a train with Thelma Plum by Tony Birch


Waiting for a train with Thelma Plum

By Tony Birch

Penrith Station sits broken
as a grieving heart in pieces
the platform the waystation for
essentially low-paid vital workers
in the dead-days of iso-lation

we have little time for each other
and envy those slumbering at home
flannelette pyjamas sleeping in
enjoying raisin toast and warm Milo
fucking the day to Netflix and Zoom

on Penrith Station we’re in mourning
except for the Girl In Black providing life
in black boots black jeans and hoodie
black/red/yellow flag on her back
golden head-phones about to pounce

she moves raises an arm
fist clenched – ‘Hey! … Hey!’ –
Fuck That

Tony Birch is the author of ShadowboxingFather’s DayBloodThe Promise and Ghost River. He is currently research fellow in the Moondani Balluk Academic Centre at Victoria University.


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