Monday, April 17, 2017

Mighty Sam McClain / When The Hurt Is Over

Mighty Sam McClain 
When The Hurt Is Over

baby you hurt me
and i know that i've hurt you

we've both promised
to always be true

we'd let our love
get lost in the rain

now we are waiting
Oh for love to live again
Holding on
To what was before
Oh lord i see
Why did we have to let it go
Now the only thing
That i know
The only thing
That i think i'd know
When the hurt is over
Lord, maybe love will flow

Trying to do
What we know we must
When you love somebody
You know you got to trust
I think about it
again and again
I say that i will baby
Oh but i don't know if i can
You say you're sorry
Oh i say i am too
then we turn round and round
then again we'd be untrue
that is why, that is why, the only thing
that i know
the only thing baby
that i know
when the hurt is over, baby
maybe love will flow

Guess by chance
We'd work things out
we both will know
what love is all about
don't move so quickly
Oh it don't move too fast
if you got a good love
Oh you ought to try to make it last
i know i hurt you
lord you broke my heart
and now we are sad baby
because our love is apart
that is why i say to you, the only thing
that i know
the only thing baby, i think i know
Oh baby
When the hurt is over
Lord maybe love will flow

I said when the hurt is over, baby
And all the pain is gone

Maybe i will learn how to love again y'all

When the hurt is over, over
Lord when all the pain is gone

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Edwin Morgan / The Loch Ness Monster's Song

Edwin Morgan

The Loch Ness Monster's Song

Hnwhuffl hhnnwfl hnfl hfl?
Gdroblboblhobngbl gbl gl g g g g glbgl.
Drublhaflablhaflubhafgabhaflhafl fl fl -
gm grawwwww grf grawf awfgm graw gm.
Splgraw fok fok splgrafhatchgabrlgabrl fok splfok!
Zgra kra gka fok!
Grof grawff ghaf?
Gombl mbl bl -
blm plm,
blm plm,
blm plm,

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Anna Swir / I’ll Open the Window

I’ll Open the Window

 Translated by Czeslaw Milosz and Leonard Nathan

Our embrace lasted too long.
We loved right down to the bone.
I hear the bones grind, I see
our two skeletons.

Now I am waiting
till you leave, till
the clatter of your shoes
is heard no more. Now, silence.

Tonight I am going to sleep alone
on the bedclothes of purity.
is the first hygienic measure.
will enlarge the walls of the room,
I will open the window
and the large, frosty air will enter,
healthy as tragedy.
Human thoughts will enter
and human concerns,
misfortune of others, saintliness of others.
They will converse softly and sternly.

Do not come anymore.
I am an animal
very rarely.

Talking to My Body (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1996)