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When Fleetwood Mac met Game of Thrones

When Fleetwood Mac met Game of Thrones

Stevie Nicks says she has written poems dedicated to characters from Game of Thrones. Here's what we think she might have come up with for Daenerys, Jon Snow and Cersei …

Stuart Jeffries
Friday 4 October 2013 15.39 BST

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

nd they say poetry is over. Adorably eccentric singer Stevie Nicks says she has written "a bunch of poetry about Game of Thrones – one for each of the characters". I know what you're thinking. Isn't it time Carol Ann Duffy jogged on and let the Fleetwood Mac siren become poet laureate? Nicks hasn't yet published her verses, but given the emotional angst, philosophical profundity and lunar weird she customarily packs into a couplet, how could Nicks's George RR Martin-inspired poems not be superb? Let's let's imagine what they'll be like ...


Rock on – Daenerys Targaryen
You've got baby dragons
On your shoulder
And a liberal stance on
Nude scenes
Should the script
Demand it. Whoo ... whoo... whoo ...
You're just like the white-winged dove
Flying to your nest-throne, love
Through fire, ice and, you know, dolour
Though I wonder if that's your natural hair colour
Rock on – Daenerys Targaryen
You've got baby dragons
On your shoulder
And, girl, you know you know how to work
That off-the-shoulder number
I actually pioneered, yeah?
Like 50 years ago or something? Whoo... whoo... whoo ...
Girl, you weren't born
To make things easy
Especially for Iain Glen
Who plays your bondsman
Ser Jorah Mormont.
What a jerk-off name
Men. Don't get me started
Have I ever told you about Lindsey Buckingham?
Don't even go there
Whoo... whoo... whoo ...

Jon Snow … so cold and yet so hot.
 Jon Snow … so cold and yet so hot. Photograph: Helensloan

Jon Snow

And the girl who stole my heart?I'm climbing the icy wall
Bound to fall
Especially coz that clown with the googly eyes from The Office
Yeah, that's him. Mackenzie Crook
Not what you'd call a look
Er. Is cutting my rope
The one with a sour face like
Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox's love child?
You know who I'm talking about. She's not all that.
She's conflicted
Which isn't what you want to hear
When you're dangling from a sheer
Ice cliff
I need you to love me
I need you today
I don't want any more girl-on-boy fisticuffs
Because I'm sensitive and fey
It's easy to confuse
Me with news
Jon Snow. Some have made that mistake
But I'm, like, 700 years younger
And built. I'm just saying

Cersei … those are hair extensions, right?
 Cersei … those are hair extensions, right? Photograph: HBO


Cersei rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn't you love to love her?
Cersei rings like a bell through the night
Especially if you're her brother
All your life you've always had a
Non-judgmental approach to sibling rumpy
And a snooty eyebrow thing
That makes your dwarf brother jumpy
Plus more wicked witchery than Christine McVie
Which is saying something, whoah!
And an evil son who makes you fret over
Nature versus nurture
Was incest in the middle ages forbidden?
What do I look like, a historian?
All your life you've never seen
A boy pushed from a high window
By a bro and sis
Who didn't want the secret to get out
Well, not until recently
You've got hotsy totsy lips
Majestic froideur
A smile as big as, erm, Big Sur
But those have got to be hair extensions, right?
Taken by the wind
Taken by the wind
Hair extensions
In these
Troubled times

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