Monday, September 26, 2011

Aurelio Arturo / Word

By Aurelio Arturo
Translated by Raúl Jaime Gaviria
with the collaboration
of Edgardo Arturo and Nicolás Suescún 

The word surrounds us
we hear it
we touch it  
its aroma surrounds us                 
a word that we say
and we model with the hand
fine and rough
and that
we forge
with the fire of blood                 
and the softness of the skin of our beloved ones
omnipresent word
with us from the dawn
and even before                     
in the dark water of the dream
or in the age from which we barely save
remnants of memories
of frights
of terrible tenderness
that goes with us
a silent monologue
                 a dialogue
a word we offer to our friends
a word we coin
for love for complaining       
for flattery                             
a coin made of sun                 
or silver
or a false coin
in it we look at ourselves
to know who we are
our occupation                                 
and race  
it reflects  
our self                            
our tribe
deep mirror
and when it is happiness and anguish
and the vast skies and the green foliage
and the earth that sings
then that flight of words
is poetry     
can be poetry

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